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Be perfectly prepared for job interviews, presentations and public speaking.

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Everyone has a right to speak, and that includes you. Clear, concise communication is the new currency but most of us are not natural communicators or born speakers. Most of us are, in fact, self-conscious, nervous – “what will he/she/they think of me?” – or even painfully shy.

How do you feel when you’re asked – or told – to speak in public or even at a job interview? Quite likely your initial reaction is something along the lines of: dry throat, racing heart, sweaty, scared, petrified, palpitations, paralysed and in extreme cases you may even feel short of breath, become dizzy or go in to a full-blown panic attack. Sound and feel familiar?

Don’t panic. You are not alone – many of us have a built-in fear of standing up in front of other people and presenting an idea, making a pitch or delivering a speech. It’s a natural reaction, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

If you’d like to feel more confident and better prepared for an important job interview or presenting in the workplace or elsewhere – or perhaps you run a company and have colleagues who would benefit – you might be interested in these one or two day courses run by local resident John Deery.

John is an award-winning director, producer and screenwriter – as well as a local resident. He is also an accomplished actor, presenter, acting coach and mentor. He has used his presenting skills to great effect for many large companies and corporations, including BT, and has developed a One-Day Course Learning and Developing Skills for Public Speaking that is now available locally and beyond.

The One and Two-Day Courses are designed to help you re-programme the fear you feel when asked to speak in public and will allow you to stand up and speak from a position of genuine, easy confidence and poise, using simple but immensely-powerful techniques. If it doesn’t do that, your money will be refunded in full – and that’s a guarantee.

The courses are small to maximise their value – just eight places on each – and are run in locations to suit participants, whether locally or in central London. John is also able to offer one-to-one coaching if required.

Discounts are available for corporate groups and individual prices are:
One day course £295.00  |  Two day course £495.00
Course overview – please click here
Enquiries & bookings – please click here or email and please mention East Sheen Village!
“I had a big speech to make to at an international conference in the U.S. and although I had made speeches before, this one was particularly daunting. John gave me the confidence to break through my fear and deliver the best speech I had ever done. He runs an excellent course for anyone who wants to improve their skills or present in public.”

Howard G. Personal Development Coach

“I was both nervous and sceptical that anyone could help me overcome my fear of presenting in front of a room full of people. John’s short course helped me enormously and I now feel confident enough to do just that. Thank you so much.”
 Emma W. PwC
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Author: Jacquie Duncan

Jacquie loves SW14 and marketing for local businesses. She's been with the ESV team since the the very beginning but for now life's taken her to pastures new; however, she can still easily be persuaded to chip in and lend a hand, even from afar.