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Iris Hay Homeopathy

KJP_1231_pm (1)Taking an alternative approach

Homeopathy, despite its long history and popularity around the world – it is one of the most popular forms of medicine in India – has a tendency to divide opinion here in the UK.

Whilst some say homeopathic principles fly in the face of medical science, others experience positive results through it.

Iris Hay is one such example and her positive experience of Homeopathy, most particularly at a time of crisis, led to a career change and a BSc in Homeopathy. She is now our local Homeopath.

sheentherapyHomeopathy is a gentle and holistic alternative therapy based on a series of ideas developed in the 1790s by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann. It recognises that emotional and physical health are interconnected, that you cannot treat any symptoms in isolation and that treatment will therefore vary from patient to patient.

Given the German roots of Homeopathy and its integration into the German healthcare system, you may not be surprised to learn that Iris herself is German. She has lived in the UK for over 14 years, speaks excellent English and comes across as warm, friendly, caring and knowledgeable.

She has long had a keen interest in the human body and medical science.

Image 5 16.15.54“My parents were always very open-minded about combining traditional medicine with alternative therapies and Homeopathy was part of my childhood and adolescence. As an adult professional working in a high-pressure environment, I turned to Homeopathy when I was suffering from insomnia and anxiety and found it helped. That’s when I decided to retrain as a Homeopath.”

One BSc in Homeopathy later, the relevant memberships and accreditations in place, experience in working with patients at the renowned Ainsworth Homeopathic Pharmacy and the Hale Clinic, and Iris is now practising in East Sheen. She sees patients at the Sheen Therapy Centre or, if they prefer or it is more convenient, at their home or hers.

So, why do people turn to Homeopathy?

“For many people, it is the fact that Homeopathy is a natural, safe and gentle system of medicine, suitable for supporting everyone of every age, including babies, children, pregnant woman and the elderly,” explains Iris. “In some cases it is used alongside traditional medicine and in others by itself.”

Iris always refers those who need to see a doctor to their GP if they haven’t already been. Her style is collaborative and she says that Homeopathy can work very well alongside other therapies. She has successfully, for example, worked alongside osteopaths, psychotherapists and acupuncturists, as well as GPs, to support her patients back to good health.

What can you expect?

Image 6 16.15.54 (1)Homeopathy treats the whole person, not just the part of the body that is giving you the problem. This is based on the belief that each person is different and that everything is connected, so treatment needs to be personalised accordingly. You can therefore expect your initial consultation to be in-depth.

“How we work really depends upon the needs the individual, so I will spend at least an hour to an hour-and-a-half in an initial consultation with a new patient to get a deep understanding of their health,” says Iris.

Once Iris has fully understood your health issues and concerns she will prescribe the right medicine for you – a natural, personalised treatment with no known side effects.

But that’s not it, as it also seems that the relationship Iris develops with a patient is a very important part of the process. She will willingly take calls, offer advice and field emails from patients who have concerns or need reassurance going forward.

What conditions can Homeopathy help?

Homeopathy can be used in wide variety of cases to treat both physical and mental conditions, including: asthma, hay fever, ear infections, depression, stress, anxiety, grief, allergies, dermatitis, high blood pressure and arthritis.

Iris works with patients of all ages and, being a mother herself, has a keen interest in keeping children healthy in as natural a way as possible without, needless to say, putting them at risk.

“It is very obvious when a doctor needs to be called as a matter of urgency,” she adds.

Iris has also found that there is a strong demand for Homeopathy in tackling women’s health issues, including PMT, menopause and period problems.


www.irishayomeopathy.uk | contact@irishayhomeopathy.uk | 07774 233 721

Sheen Therapy Centre, 334 Upper Richmond Road West SW14 7JR

“Being a first time mum is never easy…, you always have a million questions on everything from teething to digestion and feeding as well as sleeping. I wanted to take a natural approach to raising my daughter and Iris has helped me with the above issues and so much more. I highly recommend any parents searching for a holistic manner to treat their children to make an appointment with Iris without delay. I met Iris when my daughter was 3 months old and following Iris’s methods my daughter, who is now 2, has never been sick.”

Florianne, East Sheen

I consulted Iris for the treatment of long-standing period problems which were impacting on my working life. Three months later I can see the positive results of the remedies Iris prescribed. As a practitioner, she explained to me why she selected a specific remedy based on my past medical history and therefore put the treatment into my individual context. I found Iris to be really supportive during and also outside my consultation time with her.

RD, Putney

“My family and I have been working with Iris on and off for the last three years for both chronic and acute conditions. Iris is very friendly, pleasant and approachable, taking time and care to make all the family feel comfortable when describing their symptoms. She spends a good period of time taking very thorough and accurate case notes so that she has a complete understanding of the symptomology and personal history of the patient.

Once she has made a diagnosis she keeps in regular contact to understand how the patient is responding and whether any revisions or further prescriptions maybe required. Iris has responded to me quickly in times of acute illness, even getting something to me in good time when my elder daughter had a sore throat and was losing her voice the day prior to an interview. I would have no hesitation in recommending Iris’s services and am very glad to have her in my contacts.”

Stephanie, Kingston