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Petition: Change the Dangerous Crossing on Upper Richmond Road

Categories: East Sheen,East Sheen News,News

A group of local parents concerned for their children’s safety are campaigning for a pedestrian light controlled crossing on Upper Richmond Road near the garden centre. The current crossing is a simple and not very visible zebra crossing used by lots of local parents and children.

Ruth Roberts, who started the petition, writes: “Last week my son (8) very narrowly missed being hit by a speeding vehicle at 8.45am on the Zebra crossing across the Upper Richmond Road opposite Sheen Garden Centre and the end of Kings Road. This crossing is extremely busy, particularly with children going to East Sheen Primary school or Richmond Park Academy.”

“The car had accelerated to overtake a bus who had stopped to let us cross. I do not believe the driver could have realised the crossing was there. After highlighting the issue to the school and the local community I have heard many similar and terrifying near miss and actual collision anecdotes. So far nobody has died but with so many near miss stories we worry it is only a matter of time.”

The petitioners argue that a pelican (pedestrian light controlled) crossing would solve the key problem, drivers’ lack of awareness that the crossing is there, particularly if combined with improved and more visible signage.

This part of the road is a red route and so controlled by TfL. The issues have been highlighted to them before and an improvement plan has been under review for a considerable period of time. Another local parent has already contacted TfL back in 2015 about this very issue but the promised improvement hasn’t been delivered yet.

According to the petition, its objective is to highlight “the many horror stories from this road and to make it absolutely clear that we cannot wait any longer for action to be taken. We need short term tactical actions like the conversion of this crossing put in place NOW before the inevitable fatality occurs.”

If you feel pedestrian safety should be improved on our busy main road, please support this petition. Our MP Zac Goldsmith has already let TfL know about the campaign so every signature counts.

Author: Bori Kiss

Bori has been a member of the ESV team for a few years now. She loves long walks in Richmond Park and coffee that's not too hot to drink.