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Barnes Hospital Development could get green light despite residents’ concerns

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A development with 83 housing units and large underground car park can go ahead on the Barnes Hospital site if the planning committee approves, despite 250 objections from local residents. 

Barnes Hospital development

The application is for redeveloping Barnes Hospital Site into 83 residential units, mental health facility, GP surgery, SEN school with provision for 81 cars and access via South Worple Way.

According to Barnes Hospital Neighbours (BHN), a group of concerned locals, the objections to the application show that there is broad support for the mental health facility and the SEN school. However, there is unanimous objection to high density housing on the site and traffic, transport and pollution issues are a major concern.

“The community totally rejects the proposal to sell over half the site to be overdeveloped by the construction of 83 housing units and an enormous underground car park with a footprint equivalent to 46 terraced houses” – states a new press release by BHN.

The roads around the site will struggle to cope with additional motor traffic. Traffic congestion on and around White Hart Lane has steadily worsened in recent years and fears are that local infrastructure cannot accommodate an additional increase in traffic and pollution.

Over 240 objections have been received by LBRuT focused largely on traffic, transport and pollution implications of this inaccessible and challenging site. Yet LBRuT have ignored concerns and are recommending approval of the proposal. 

Residents have mobilised, organising local, unprejudiced consultations including meetings where the NHS Trust was invited to present, in a spirit of open collaborative exchange of concerns and ambitions for the site, with a view to a solution to take the development forward, say BHN. No one wants to see this site derelict and this opportunity wasted.  

BHN say public consultations are simply a box ticking exercise if the views of residents and the community are totally disregarded. They call on Councillors to reject the current proposal and respect the views of the local community. 

Read the whole press release here.

Author: Bori Kiss

Bori has been a member of the ESV team for a few years now. She loves long walks in Richmond Park and coffee that's not too hot to drink.