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Buses on newly altered routes in Barnes due to Hammersmith Bridge closure

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After the closure of Hammersmith Bridge due to safety reasons on 10 April, Transport for London initially shortened and altered the route of buses that used to cross the bridge to Hammersmith. Now the transport company is making new changes starting Saturday 18th May for bus routes in the area.

Routes 72 and 209 previously ran to the south side of Hammersmith Bridge but will now both avoid Castelnau. A new route, route 533 will run between Barnes and Hammersmith via Chiswick Bridge every 30 minutes.

Route 209 is rerouted to run between Mortlake and Putney Bridge, no longer serving Church Road, Castelnau, Hammersmith Bridge Road or Hammersmith bus station.

bus 209 route
The altered route for route 209

Between Barnes Pond and Putney Bridge it runs along Station Road, Mill Hill Road, Lower Richmond Road and Putney Bridge, starting and finishing at the bus stops in Putney Bridge Approach, close to Putney Bridge station. It continues to run as previously between Mortlake and Barnes Pond.

TfL plans to reroute route 209 along Church Road and Rocks Lane (northern section), instead of Station Road, when changes to the junction of Rocks Lane and Mill Hill Road have been made.

Route 33 will run between Fulwell and Castelnau and night bus N33 will run between Fulwell and Hammersmith via Putney Bridge, no longer serving Castelnau. 

Route 72 run between Hammersmith Bridge (North Side) and East Acton, no longer serving Castelnau and points south of the bridge. Night bus N72 will run between Roehampton and East Acton via Putney Bridge and Barnes Station, no longer serving Castelnau or Rocks Lane. 

Route 419 provides alternative buses along Church Road and Castelnau to and from Castelnau (‘Lonsdale Road’ bus stops), close to the south side of Hammersmith Bridge. Customers to/from Hammersmith Bridge Road or Hammersmith bus station can walk across Hammersmith Bridge and use route 72 north of the bridge.

The new route 533

The new route 533 runs a loop in Barnes before continuing to Hammersmith bus station via Chiswick Bridge. It runs every 30 minutes between Mortlake High Street, Barnes Bridge station, Barnes Pond, Church Road, Castelnau and Hammersmith bus station via Chiswick Bridge.     

You can find detailed route maps for all of the above routes on TfL’s Hammersmith Bridge closure page and the consultation page.

Author: Bori Kiss

Bori has been a member of the ESV team since 2012. She loves long walks in Richmond Park and coffee that's not too hot to drink.