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East Sheen

Choose Walking or Cycling on Clean Air Day

This Thursday June 20th is National Clean Air Day! As we know, air pollution is real and harmful to the health of millions; luckily, there are many things we can do to reduce our pollutive footprint. Clean Air Day is a chance to learn more about ways we can make the air cleaner and healthier…


Lucy Loves… Spicy Prawns with Green Beans

I am celebrating tonight. George sat his last GCSE this morning so my nagging days are over, until September at least. I feel exhausted in every way, it’s as though I sat the 30 odd exams myself. I have shouted, cried, baked, hugged, comforted; every range of emotions have been covered, and that’s just me,…

Art House Open Studios

For over 20 years Art House has been a place to share, see, make and create.  In June 2019 over 200 artists will come together to throw open their doors for everyone to explore, empower and celebrate Richmond’s vibrant art culture. Whether you want to explore your borough, visit Richmond or simply meet others who…

Barnes Hospital development

Barnes Hospital Development could get green light despite residents’ concerns

A development with 83 housing units and large underground car park can go ahead on the Barnes Hospital site if the planning committee approves, despite 250 objections from local residents.  The application is for redeveloping Barnes Hospital Site into 83 residential units, mental health facility, GP surgery, SEN school with provision for 81 cars and…


Lucy Loves… Chocolate Beer Loaf Cake

Father’s Day is on the horizon again and for me, it means buying 3 bloody cards, even though I only actually have one Father of my own. The boys are perfectly capable of getting a card for Clyde, as is Clyde for own Father, but left to their own devices, no cards would be purchased….

East Sheen ward by-election in July

A by-election will be taking place on Thursday 18 July to elect a councillor for the East Sheen ward. The new councillor will take the place of Councillor Mona Adams who sadly passed away last month.  The deadline to receive nominations is Friday 21 June and the last date to register to vote is Tuesday…


Lucy Loves… Tiny Picnic Pies

Blimey it’s been warm this weekend and lucky me, I’ve predominantly spent it in my kitchen or sorting out our eldest’s bedroom ready for his triumphant return from Uni next weekend. The latter involved me removing all my Lucy Loves plates, glasses, cutlery and trays from his room which had fashioned itself into some sort…


Lucy Loves… A Classic Victoria Sponge

Goodness me I’ve been writing Lucy Loves and rambling away for 5 years now and never featured a Victoria Sponge. I’m not quite sure how that’s happened as I must make this classic cake at least once a fortnight. Not only is this evergreen recipe my favourite, it seems to be a top 5 for…

Mona Adams Councillor

Tragic news: East Sheen Councillor Mona Adams passes away

The East Sheen Village team is extremely saddened to learn of the passing of East Sheen Councillor and former Deputy Mayor, Mona Adams and would like to join Richmond Council in expressing our condolences to her family and loved ones. She died of lung cancer which she fought off for long enough to complete her…

Black Pudding, Potato and Egg Bake recipe from Lucy Loves

Lucy Loves… Black Pudding, Potato and Egg Bake

This week I have been all about food waste. I am the product of a war child, my Dad, so I have inherited his inability to throw anything away. I can often be heard telling the boys to eat something past it’s use by date as long as it isn’t green or a bit whiffy….