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Lucy Loves Quick Coconut Prawn Curry recipe

Lucy Loves… Quick Coconut Prawn Curry

Quick Coconut Prawn Curry Recipe Three weeks in and I’m losing the will to cook. Forking up endless meals for 3 hungry men is wearing. In our previous incarnation, pre lockdown, Clyde would eat with fussy George and Ben would be at uni, whilst I would eat whatever was left. But not now, in this…

Spring Chicken Pie recipe from Lucy Loves Food Blog

Lucy Loves…Spring Chicken Pie

Spring Chicken Pie Recipe Believe it or not it’s Easter this weekend. Usually a time for family get togethers, weekends away and general feasting. Not this year, sadly. We are all staying indoors and saving lives, so this Easter will have to be a very home based affair. If you’re looking to feed a smaller…

Tomato Brothy Pasta from Lucy Loves Food Blog

Lucy Loves…Tomato Brothy Pasta with Beans

Tomato Brothy Pasta with Beans recipe Welcome to our new world of strangeness. One where we can no longer go to the pub, hug or buy loo roll. We are fully embracing self isolation, so, the four of us, with Teddy, are hunkering down and staying safe. However, we still need to eat and I…

Lucy Loves…White Chocolate Cake

White Chocolate Cake recipe Well, this is all a little strange, isn’t it? As if my world hadn’t been turned upside down enough in the past few weeks, we now live in a place where loo roll is the new currency. I hope you’re all safe and washing your hands at least 100 times a…

Maple Soy Salmon with Soy Eggs recipe from Lucy Loves

Lucy Loves… Maple Soy Salmon with Soy Eggs

Maple Soy Salmon with Soy Eggs Recipe I’ve had a bit of a break from blogging life over the last 3 weeks. Losing my Dad so suddenly has quite obviously taken the wind out of all our sails. Food and writing about food seemed so frivolous, but I have been finding solace in the kitchen….

Lucy Loves…Bean and Cheese Burritos

Bean and Cheese Burritos Recipe I have never been a huge fan of Tex-Mex food, as Billy Connolly once said ‘all Mexican food is the same, it’s just folded differently’. Probably a sweeping statement, but an amusing one. The boys love a burrito, keeping a certain food delivery company in business with their Tortilla orders. Now I’ve…

Lucy Loves Lentil and Sweet Potato Burgers recipe from Lucy Loves

Lucy Loves…Lentil and Sweet Potato Burgers

Lentil and Sweet Potato Burgers Recipe I spend any spare time I have looking for new recipes. Predominantly with you lovely readers in mind, but also to feed and nourish my own family. The last thing I imagined when I found this speedy recipe for Lentil and Sweet Potato Burgers via Emma Spitzer’s Instagram feed…

Ricotta Doughnuts recipe from Lucy Loves Food Blog

Lucy Loves…Ricotta Doughnuts

Ricotta Doughnuts Recipe I bloody love a doughnut. This could stem from a childhood spent eating the hot ones, freshly fried, from the end of Eastbourne Pier, or could just be because I’m a bit of a pig. What’s not to like about hot, fried dough, sprinkled in sugar? Well, the what’s not to like…

Crispy Cauliflower with Lemon Sauce recipe from Lucy Loves Food Blog

Lucy Loves…Crispy Cauliflower with Lemon Sauce

Crispy Cauliflower with Lemon Sauce Recipe As I write, the Christmas tree’s down, presents have been put away and there’s only two tubs of Celebrations left to be eaten. I am clutching a glass of wine with the prospect of not having another until, at best, Thursday and feeling, frankly, deflated. I know I’m not…

Meatloaf with Bacon and Rosemary from Lucy Loves Food Blog

Lucy Loves…Meatloaf with Rosemary and Bacon

Meatloaf with Bacon and Rosemary Recipe With just over a week to go until Christmas, activity in the kitchen is ramping up. Well, apart from the fact I have a hideous cold and hacking cough, and can think of nothing I want to do less than cook. But the show and Lucy Loves and everyday…