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Help local hedgehogs by welcoming them in your garden

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Do you live in East Sheen? Have you got a garden, however small? Join the Barnes Hedgehog Superhighway and help extend the territory of these lovely little mammals in our area.

The Barnes Hedgehog Superhighway is the brainchild of Barnes resident Michel Birkenwald. His ambition is to build the largest hedgehog superhighway in the country enabling Barnes’ healthy population of hedgehogs to move freely in search of food and shelter. The move to securing home with fences and walls makes life very hard for hedgehogs so the little holes that are provided by Barnes Hedgehogs can make a massive difference to their survival rates.

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash

Barnes Town Centre Manager Emma Robinson has teamed up with Barnes Hedgehogs to help them spread the word about the Barnes Hedgehog Superhighway as part of the Town Team’s destination management project. Together Emma and Michel have organised a hedgehog awareness-raising art exhibition and are planning other joint-projects.

We are now helping Barnes Hedgehogs in extending the Superhighway to East Sheen. If you want to be part of the Hedgehog Superhighway contact Michel at He provides a hole cutting service for free but will ask for a donation to his project: £10 per garden to finance the equipment and the highway plaques. He can cut holes in timber fences and brick walls.

Once you’ve joined the Superhighway, make sure your garden is hedgehog-safe. If you have a pond, place a small ramp in it, avoid using slug- and insect killing chemicals, and create a wild corner of your garden where hedgehogs can hide away. You can put out food and water for them, or even build a little house.

The Barnes Hedgehogs campaign also provides an emergency rescue service. If you find a wounded hedgehog you can take it to Medivet on Church Road in Barnes and it will be transported to Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Aylesbury.

Michel’s campaign has helped to put Barnes on the conservation map and his work has been featured on TV including BBC Countryfile Diaries and Sky TV. In 2018 he received a he Local Conservation award from IFAW.

Follow Barnes Hedgehogs on Twitter and Instagram.

Author: Bori Kiss

Bori has been a member of the ESV team since 2012. She loves long walks in Richmond Park and coffee that's not too hot to drink.