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If “I’m bored” are words you dread hearing from your children, help is at hand. If you run a children’s activity or club and could use some free advertising, help is at hand for you, too.

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Club Hub UK, founded by East Sheen resident, Tessa Robinson was devised to help you save time and energy in seeking out local activities that match your children’s ages and interests.

image1Tessa, 23 and a musical theatre graduate, created Club Hub after she was unable to find a suitable, affordable place to advertise her children’s drama group, Tessa’s Jazz Hands.

With help from start-up aggregator, Ideas Britain, she was able to develop her idea, which was subsequently entered into their #InSport competition, where it took second place.

Club Hub UK is accessed via a FREE App for iPhone and Android devices (an advert-free version is available for just £0.79) and there is also a website. The App enables parents and carers to quickly find, compare and book activities for children, aged from new-born through to 18 years old.

You can search by your children’s interests, your location and/or the type of club you’re looking for (holiday, afterschool, evening, etc.). Club Hub’s database includes clubs, leisure centres, activities, libraries and attractions – all things to inspire the kids – and you – to get out of the house! It’s fun and empowering to search with your children and decide together, too.

Why not download the app now – or sign your club up with Club Hub UK?
Get it on Google Play or iTunes 

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“What better way to find out where the best kids clubs are than to search for them right in the palm of your hand? I myself wouldn’t really know where any clubs are other than ones I’ve heard people talk about, so this will be a useful tool for anyone who’s little darling had expressed an interest in joining a club.”

“It turns out that this little beauty is going to be a must have for parents with kids!”

“So if you are new to an area (like me!) And want to find out what’s going on where you live or if you have a child pestering you about starting Judo classes/joining a tennis club or whatever then it really is worth downloading Club Hub once it’s released in July.”

“I came across the lovely Tessa Robinson, creator of the Club Hub App a few weeks ago on twitter… I was really impressed by her pitch to create a brand new app for parents to locate children’s activities and clubs! I would definitely watch out for this lady! She is young, enthusiastic and very social media savvy. I’m sure she will go far!”




Author: Jacquie Duncan