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Join a Remote Y5 Mock Exam with Laidlaw Education

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Laidlaw Education are delighted to be running their Year 5 summer mock exam on Saturday 16th May remotely!

This exam is the first in a series of four 11+ mock exams which are a vital part of the exam preparation process, and which we have run successfully for many years. This early summer mock exam is particularly important, giving valuable information about how your child is positioned academically relative to the other children who take it, and thus assisting you in refining your shortlist before the school registration deadlines which come at various stages in the autumn term. There is also plenty of time to work on any weaknesses revealed before the real exams. Some parents worry that their children are not sufficiently prepared to take a mock exam at this stage, but please note the exam is pitched at an appropriate level for where they currently are. On this occasion the children will sit papers in English and Maths, giving them an opportunity to practise their exam technique under timed conditions.

Specifics for Saturday 16th May!

The children will initially join a Zoom meeting at 2pm on the 16th to listen to a short introduction from Sue and then they will sit the English and Maths papers in a suitable place on their own following the normal timings/breaks. Papers last an hour each but with the talk and breaks you need to set aside until 4.30/4.45pm.

Papers will be posted out  in advance with full instructions both for you and your child on how this will run. We will provide a SAE for you to return the papers to us either by post or via a collection box in East Sheen or Kew. The teachers will then mark these over half term and we will post them back to you in the normal way on 1st June, marked with helpful comments and the average of this cohort of children.

Although the experience for the children will be different to sitting in a large hall, we are sure they will find it very engaging and useful. To reiterate, the feedback from this summer exam is invaluable in helping identify areas that need work and with your shortlist of schools.

There is always a significant volume discount if more than one mock is booked at the outset. However given the current situation many families find themselves in,  we would like to offer you the opportunity to benefit from an additional discount if you book this May exam and full details of prices, discounts and Autumn mocks are on our booking site If you would rather only book the May mock contact us directly for a £25 voucher.

To find out more about either the May mock exam or our online lessons please email Sue or Victoria on .

Author: Bori Kiss

Bori has been a member of the ESV team since 2012. She loves long walks in Richmond Park and coffee that's not too hot to drink.