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Katie’s Classroom ~ a new a way of helping with homework, sharing in learning and supporting your primary school child

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Local business, Katie’s Classroom, delivers outstanding, bite-sized online video tutorials for primary school children and their parents.

Are you a parent of a 8 or 9 year old, primary year 4 child? Have you ever wished that someone could show you how children are taught in school these days and how to approach the problem if your child doesn’t get it? Or are you perhaps looking for a way to support or extend your child’s learning?

Local resident, Katie, is a teacher and mum of three, and her new business is designed to do just that.

Katie’s Classroom is launching with Year 4 Maths (Years 3-6 Math, English and Exam tutorials coming soon) and Katie (how does she find the time?) has filmed over 180 video tutorials covering all the learning objectives in the National Curriculum and 8+ syllabus.

These tutorials are perfect for revising a tricky concept your child hasn’t quite  grasped, building confidence and preparing for an important exam.

I want to help parents access the ways in which core subjects like English and Mathematics are taught in their child’s classroom. I’ve created a bank of short video tutorials that parents and children can tap into at home or on the go. Katie’s Classroom is a way of helping with homework, sharing in learning or supporting the extension or revision of knowledge of topics covered at school.

Katie’s Classroom is designed to be as close to having a teacher in your own home as possible. My video tutorials are designed to help you support your child’s learning, be that helping them to grasp a new concept, become confident in their knowledge or extend their understanding and improve their focus on a subject.

The tutorials are high quality, easy to understand, bite-sized videos delivered by a qualified teacher that can be used time and time again.

Katie’s Classroom is offering families of children aged 8 & 9 a free trial – please see below for details. You can subscribe to Katie’s Classroom on a monthly or annual basis from £8.25-£10 per month.

Enjoy a FREE TRIAL now and find out how Katie’s Classroom could help you support your child’s learning. Sign up at

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | 07930 418190

Author: Jacquie Duncan

Jacquie loves SW14 and has a passion for small business marketing. She's been with the ESV team from the outset but for now she's moved to pastures new... although she still pops in from time to time to help out.