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Leave your car at home for Car Free Day

Categories: East Sheen,East Sheen News,News

The new council is supporting International Car Free Day, held on 22 September this year. As well as two streets that have been opened for everyone, and other play streets people have set up themselves, there’ll be activities around the borough.

Some people are setting up Play Streets – streets closed to traffic for the day – , others are committing to not using their car for the day, or going out for a bike ride or walk somewhere.

The council’s goal – and the wider goal of ‘International Car Free Day’ is to reclaim some of our public space from driving around, and use it for children to play, or just breathing fresh air, and enjoying the calm of the environment without traffic noise.

It’s all linked into ideas like Project EDWARD and the growing focus from the Mayor of London on reducing our reliance on cars to get around, and supporting more ‘active travel’ (i.e. walking, cycling and public transport). We know that some people will have a need to get around by car – just ask Transport for All – and that shops need to make deliveries (to themselves, or to you!). But Car Free Day is about seeing the opportunities to reduce car use around our area.

If you have children in primary school, you are invited to do car free school runs this week. You can walk or cycle to school and enjoy the warm September weather. Check out your journey to school options with to find your lowest pollution route.

The council will be holding events on Whitaker Avenue in Richmond and Crown Road in St Margaret’s which will be closed to traffic on Saturday, 22 September. You can find more about Play Streets here.

Author: Tim Lennon

Tim is the local coordinator for London Cycling Campaign, and is a campaigner for active travel (more and better walking and cycling).