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Local Tips On Going Plastic Free

Categories: East Sheen,East Sheen News,News

Local resident Judith Russenberger has sent us some wonderful tips on going plastic free. She and her family have been experimenting for the last 18 months in ways by which they can reduce their plastic usage and are sharing their tips with our readers.

Fruit & Veg:

“Most of our vegetables and fruit come from Barnes market topped up with produce from Waitrose only if it isn’t in plastic” – says Judith. – “We also get milk from the market poured direct into our own reusable container, and make our own yogurt”. Barnes Farmer Market is on every Saturday 10am-2pm at Essex House Surgery, Barnes, near the Pond. It would be fabulous to have our own market in Sheen – if you’re keen to help with organizing, please get in touch!

You can get milk delivered in traditional glass bottles to your door via Milk & More. They deliver fruit juices in similar bottles as well as basic staples like eggs and bakery products (some of which are wrapped in plastic though).


“We get meat from Parson’s Nose in Putney wrapped in paper or packed direct into our own box” – writes Judith. Sheen’s got two butchers (R. Chubb & Son and Swatland) as well as Waitrose’s meat counter so it’s just a question of using paper for wrapping – we’ll be looking into this.


“We get cheese and butter from the Neal’s Yard Dairy which comes wrapped in grease proof paper” – says Judith. Neal’s Yard indeed have a wonderful online shop – I’m just a little concerned at the prospect of my dog opening their parcels before I get home. Another option would be again the Barnes market.


“We often get coffee beans from Coffee and Chairs in Fulham or the Monmouth coffee shop which is again put straight into out own tin.” Waitrose also stock Illy beans and ground coffee in tins.


Judith recommends an East Sheen favourite: “We get beer from the Sheen Micro Beer shop where again we get this served straight into our own reusable bottle.” Wonderful beer, environment friendly packaging – what more do you need?

Flour, oats and pulses:

“We buy porridge oats and flour in bulk in paper sacks, and various dried beans and pulses – also grown in the UK – from Hodmedod’s, by mail order. We supplement our store cupboard with produce from the Whole Foods market (in Richmond) where you can buy loose goods such as rice, nuts, and seeds.“


“We buy loose soap, deodorant bars and shampoo bars from Lush, and bamboo toothbrushes.” The two nearest Lush shops are in Westfield White City and Wimbledon.

Packed lunches:

“We wrap sandwiches in grease proof paper, always carry a cup or a refillable flask and a cotton bag for any purchases.” Whole Foods sell waxed paper sandwich bags. These can’t go in the paper recycling but can be composted or used to light barbecues for example.

Recycling and rubbish:

The effort Judith and her family put into finding plastic free and environment friendly ways of shopping is paying off: “We fill our black recycling box once every two or three weeks and our dustbin perhaps every six months.” That is amazing! Well done!

Have you gone plastic free? Please share your tips with us!

Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

Author: Bori Kiss

Bori has been a member of the ESV team for a few years now. She loves long walks in Richmond Park and coffee that's not too hot to drink.