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Lucy Loves Aperol Spritz in the Summertime

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Lucy’s enjoying putting her feet up and reading a good book or two on a Greek Island but worry not as she’s sending sunny thoughts and deliciously summery recipes our way, including this refreshing and rather beautiful looking Aperol Spritz

My lovely friend Saskia introduced me to Aperol. I had never heard of it before and, as a rule of thumb, I swerve any spirits with an orange flavoured overtone. However, our wonderful afternoon spent sipping Aperol with friends, was just perfect and I have been drinking it ever since.
So, from me to you, here’s your introduction to this brilliant vibrant spirit, with this Aperol Spritz. I love just a simple Aperol and soda but with the addition of the Prosecco, this cocktail is now complete. It’s fragrant, colourful, refreshing, everything you could possibly ask for in a Summer drink.
I hope you enjoy this introduction to a taste of the Italian Riviera. Even if you are just sitting in your own back garden, this will still be a super stylish, delicious any-day-or-excuse-will-do cocktail.

Aperol Spritz Recipe

Makes 1 – and that just might not be enough, so please double, treble, etc. accordingly 

  • 50ml Aperol
  • 100ml Prosecco
  • A splash of fizzy or soda water
  • A slice of orange to garnish

Start by taking a good sized tumbler and adding a few ice cubes.

Follow that with the super-bright orange Aperol. This beautiful spirit has a warm, slightly citrus flavour. Like a more drinkable, more delicious Campari.

Next follow on with approximately 100ml of chilled Prosecco. Could this simple cocktail feature any more of my favourite things?

Then just a light top-up of fizzy or soda water, a slice of orange or blood orange as I had one in the fruit bowl, and it’s all over bar the drinking!


Author: Jacquie Duncan