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Lucy Loves… Burns Night Cranachan

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This week, celebrate Burns Night with Lucy’s version of this classic Scottish dessert.

It’s Burns Night this Thursday and a time to celebrate the life and works of Scottish poet, Robert Burns. Who am I kidding, it’s just an excuse to drink whisky and eat such traditional dishes at Cock-a-leekie Soup, Cullen Skink and of course, Haggis. Cranachan-recipe-lucyloves-foodblog-east-sheen-villageI love Haggis and always buy one to have on Burns Night, not because we have any Scottish blood in either of us, but because it’s delicious. I would ordinarily just post a whisky based cocktail in Mr Burns’ honour, however, this year, I have decided to make a Cranachan dessert to share with you.
This is another recipe I hadn’t made since I was wearing beige knee high socks and a skirt up around my armpits. We made this in our school cookery lab and I remembered it as being really rather tasty. This traditionally Scottish dessert is a wonderful blend of cream, toasted oats, honey, whisky and raspberries. The raspberries at this time of the year are tasteless little morsels so I used a whole bag of frozen ones which nicely mulched down to almost a compote. The whipped cream is blended with mascarpone, not a traditionally Scottish ingredient, but one I improvised with, and whisky and honey for a taste of the Highlands. Or in my case I only had cheap, unlikely to be Scottish honey, so do try and make a bit more of an effort than me. This is such a simple recipe, and can be whipped up at short notice, in fact it benefits from being made at the last minute, as the oaty layer will stay crisp. I based my Cranachan recipe on one from the lovely Xanthe Clay in the Telegraph and it’s a goodie.
It seems churlish to only make this once a year because it’s a) simple b) delicious and c) has whisky in it and you know how I love any excuse for a little drinkie. Happy Burns night to you all or if you like, Happy Cranachan and Haggis day.

This post will appear on Lucy Loves later on this week.

Cranachan Recipe

Serves 4 to 6 people, serving size dependent

You will need a whisk, hand or manual and 4 to 6 serving glasses or potsCranachan-recipe-lucyloves-foodblog-east-sheen-village

  • 110g porridge or rolled oats
  • 300ml double cream
  • 250g mascarpone or Quark cream cheese
  • 4 tablespoons honey, plus extra for drizzling
  • 6 tablespoons whisky
  • 400g frozen raspberries, defrosted

Start by defrosting your raspberries in a bowl.

Next, take a good sized frying pan and heat, dry, over a medium flame. Add the oats and cook for 8 to 10 minutes, stirring well, to toast and take on a little colour. They will smell toasty and look slightly golden when ready. Put on a plate to cool.Cranachan-recipe-lucyloves-foodblog

With your hand, stand mixer or using a manual whisk, whisk your cream until just thickening. Don’t over whip. Fold through the mascarpone until just mixed. ¬†Stir in the 4 tablespoons honey and 6 tablespoons whisky then you are ready to assemble your desserts.

Take 4 to 6 small glasses and layer with cream, oats then raspberries. Repeat, finishing with raspberries and an extra drizzle of honey. Chill until needed. These puds are best eaten on the day you make them as the oats do lose their crispness, although mine were still yum, if a little less crisp, after 2 days.



Author: Lucy Kellett