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Lucy Loves… Fried Egg Quesadilla

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Fried Egg Quesadillas from Lucy Loves Food Blog

It’s Autumn, it’s official. I know that because I am wearing a brand new polo neck jumper which I’ve been desperate to put on for the last month. It’s barely dropped below 20 degrees, however, and it’s on and I doubt if it’ll come off again until June 2020. It’s that week of the year you either dread or love. Back to school week means less of the children at home being annoying, but more early mornings and homework dramas. Either way some sort of reward is needed to get you through the next 5 days. This Fried Egg Quesadilla is just that simple lift everyone needs, and it’s so easy, your children can actually make it for themselves.

This is one of the no recipe recipes which I love, courtesy of the knowledgeable New York Times. You can put whatever you like in your Quesadillas but I do think the fried egg’s a must. You can have these as a brunch, lunch or if you’re one of my children, when you get home and the prospect of waiting for dinner seems like an eternity. All you need is a frying pan and a cheese grater, and you don’t even need that if you’re one of those people who buys pre grated cheese. I used corn tortillas as they have a lovely flavour and bite, however, any old wrap will do here. They are fried in a little butter and oil for crispness and added calorific deliciousness.

Ben still has a couple of weeks before he goes back to uni, so the fridge is still a barren wasteland. These Fried Egg Quesadillas, however, can be made with anything and everything that’s left; in my case that’s pretty much anything that’s not nailed down.

This recipe will feature on Lucy Loves later this week.

Fried Egg Quesadilla Recipe

Fried Egg Quesadilla recipe Lucy Loves Food Blog

Makes 1, but be prepared to make more

You will just need a small frying pan and a cheese grater

2 corn tortillas, or any other wraps will do

Strong cheese, grated, around 50g

Chorizo slices, ham, salami, cooked bacon, it’s up to you

1 egg

Sriracha and fresh coriander to serve, if you like

Take a small frying pan and melt a tiny knob of butter with a teaspoon of oil over a medium heat.

Once melted, add one of the corn tortillas or wraps. Add the grated cheese then lay on your sliced meat. Top with the other tortilla. Press down with a spatula.

Once the bottom is golden, flip the quesadilla and cook on the other side until it’s golden and the cheese has melted. Keep flipping until it’s all crisp and golden.

Remove to a chopping board and cut into quarters. In the same pan add another splash of oil if needed then crack in your egg and cook until the eggs still runny but the edges are crisp.

Put your quesadilla onto a plate and top with the fried egg. Garnish with some fresh coriander leaves and a drizzle of Sriracha. Devour. Then make another round for the rest of your family.

Fried Egg Quesadilla recipe Lucy Loves Food Blog

Author: Lucy Kellett