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Lucy Loves Night Sky Chocolate Bark

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This week to celebrate Bonfire Night on 5th November Lucy has created a colourful chocolatey treat for all the family to enjoy.

Compared to Hallowe’en these days, Bonfire Night was much more of a big deal when I was a child. We went to numerous local fireworks extravaganzas, had sparklers at home and my sister and I would lean out of our bedroom window watching other peoples displays. The smells, the chill in the air and the food all conjure up wonderful memories. I do still get quite excited about Bonfire Night, so to celebrate I decided to create this Night Sky Chocolate Bark.Lucy-loves-night-sky-chocolate-bark-recipe-east-sheen-village
This is based on Galaxy Bark, a popular post on Pinterest. I love bark, it’s basically a slab of chocolate with things stuck in it, but on this occasion features different coloured chocolates embedded with colourful stars and glitter to recreate a beautiful night sky. I got my blue candy buttons on line and fashioned my own purple chocolate by mixing white chocolate with purple food colouring. The rest is up to you. Decorate your chocolate bark with any sparkly stars and glitter you have to hand, go mad, be creative.
Leave your creation to set in the fridge then break or chop into large chunks and devour. This makes a pretty post firework display treat to nibble on with your warming hot chocolate or mulled wine. This is colourful, glittery and above all super delicious. This would also make an elegant petit four to have after dinner with coffee. I can confirm, having eaten a great deal of this chocolate bark, it is as tasty as it is beautiful.

This recipe will be posted on Lucy Loves this week.

Night Sky Chocolate Bark Recipe

You will need a lined baking sheet, approx 33cm x 23cm in size 

Makes a lovely big slabLucy-loves-night-sky-chocolate-bark-recipe-east-sheen-village

  • 400g chocolate, I used a mixture of dark and milk, but you want the chocolate to look quite dark in colour
  • 150g each dark blue and light blue candy buttons, if you can’t get these just use more white chocolate and colour with two different blue food dyes
  • 100g white chocolate – I couldn’t find purple candy buttons, if you can you won’t need this white chocolate or purple colouring
  • Purple food colouring to colour the above white chocolate
  • Gold stars, white chocolate stars, coloured stars and glitter to decorate

Line a small baking sheet with greaseproof paper and lightly oil or butter to prevent sticking.Night-sky-chocolate-bark-lucyloves-east-sheen-village

Measure out your chocolates into separate bowls and melt, either in the microwave in 30 second bursts or over a pan of simmering water until the chocolates have just melted.

If you are using white chocolate and food colourings, colour the chocolate until you have one dark blue, one light blue and one purple batch.

Firstly, pour the melted dark chocolate onto the baking paper and smooth into a large rectangle. Dot on spoonfuls of the dark blue, then light blue then purple coloured Night-sky-chocolate-bark-recipe-lucyloves-east-sheen-villagechocolates.

Swirl the colours together with a knife or skewer creating a sort of marbled night sky effect. Sprinkle on your sugar stars and dust with edible glitter. Leave to cool before refrigerating for at least an hour. Cut into wedges or break into pieces and serve as a bonfire night treat.

This recipe originates from Life with the Crust Cut Off.



Author: Lucy Kellett