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Lucy Loves…Sesame Tahini Cookies

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If you’re craving something gluten free and refined sugar free then look no further.

Once again, as I sit here with my jeans feeling really rather snug, I search for what I should be eating over the coming week. I have an awful penchant for sweet things at the moment having not denied myself a single mouthful of anything over the festivities. I have completely lost control of my eating habits again and, having just booked our summer holiday, which will involve removing my clothes in some capacity, now is the time to reign it in. I like to plan ahead with my week in order to remove the chance I’ll accidentally eat a bar of Dairy Milk. These Tahini Sesame Cookies, with their brilliant gluten and refined sugar free nature, are going to keep my hands away from the chocs over the coming weeks.
If you’re anything like me, a mid afternoon slump is a very real thing. Once I’ve had my lunch at work it’s all about the need for something sweet to get me through the rest of the working day. These Tahini Sesame Cookies are a wonderful find. They’re sweet, but not overly so, being only sweetened by a small amount of runny honey. They’re gluten free containing only ground almonds which makes them lower in carbs than traditional biccies. And they’re delicious. The tahini, along with the sesame seed coating gives them a brilliant nutty flavour with a soft, almost macaroon like texture. I can vouch for the fact they are quite addictive having eaten 4, by way of quality control, before they had even cooled on the tray. It is with huge thanks to 
Food and Wine for the inspiration for these.
A little goes a long way with me. If I have healthy-ish treats within my reach then I won’t feel remotely interested in those left over Christmas chocolates sitting in a big bowl just out of eyeshot. All I have to do now is to find the will power not eat the entire batch of Tahini Sesame Cookies all by myself.

This recipe will feature on Lucy Loves later this week.

Sesame Tahini Cookies Recipe


Makes around 22 to 24 small biscuits

You will just need bowls for this recipe

50g sesame seeds, I had a mixture of black and white

180g ground almonds

1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

1/4 teaspoon salt

80ml runny honey

80ml tahini, make sure you give it a good stir first

1 teaspoon vanilla

Pre heat your oven and line two large baking sheets with greaseproof paper.

Place the sesame seeds on a plate and pop to one side.

In a small bowl measure in the tahini then stir in the honey until smooth. In another bowl stir together the ground almonds, bicarb and salt.

Tip the almond mix into the tahini honey mix and stir to combine into a soft dough. Take teaspoons of mixture and roll into a ball in your hands. Roll each ball in the sesame seeds and place onto your lined baking trays. Take a flat bottomed measuring cup or glass and press down onto the cookies until flattened to a thickness of a pound coin.

Bake the cookies for a scant 8 minutes or until just golden and smelling divine. Leave to cool on the tray before storing in an airtight tin for 2 to 3 days.

Author: Lucy Kellett