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Shop Local and Support Your Local Community!

Categories: Business,East Sheen,East Sheen News,Shop Local

As we near the (hopeful) midway point of what’s become known as ‘Lockdown 2.0’, East Sheen Village would like to thank all of our residents for not only keeping spirits along the Upper Richmond Road and Sheen Lane raised, but also for shopping local in these ‘unprecedented’ times – although how much longer we can keep using that word before things become remarkably ‘precedented’ is unclear.

Shopping local can have fantastic effects, not just for the local economy, but for the residents of Sheen as well. When you purchase at a locally owned business, like Create & Wild’s new grocery selection or Pickle & Rye’s takeaway service, more capital is kept within East Sheen, because these locally owned businesses tend to purchase from other locally owned businesses. 

Did you know that for every £1 spent at an independent business, 63p stays within the local economy?

This is not only beneficial for our area’s businesses and our non-profits, too (it has been proven that local owners donate more to charities than non-local owners), but it benefits you, the customer, too because you receive a unique experience that is only available ‘on the high street’ – whether that’s delicious Persian street food from 11 Coffee & Co., Sheen Sports’ click and collect service or Lasyl’s incredible range of audio-visual products and second-to-none customer service. 

On that note, customer service in small businesses is proven to generally be superior to in chain stores as owners are more likely to hire employees with specific product expertise, so not only are you buying a more specifically sourced product, you’re also buying a tailored experience. 

Our local business owners tend to invest in our community; they live here, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the community’s welfare and future. Local businesses also create more jobs, with SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) generating 60% of jobs for the working UK population. 

Don’t forget too, that when you shop local, it’s easier and often more convenient to walk or cycle to and from the shops. During lockdown, every leg stretch counts and so whilst you get some exercise in, you’ll be keeping one more car off our roads, helping to ease congestion and pollution – even if just a little.

Finally, by shopping local, you matter more. Local businesses can respond to their customers and their values and desires in a way that is impossible for larger chains; your actions are more influential too, because it’s easier for these stores to adjust their service and products accordingly.

Information about our local shops and events is available on our website, as well as on our Instagram page (@eastsheenvillage). Stay safe and happy shopping!

Author: Charlie Duncan

Charlie is currently studying English and Drama at the University of Exeter, and was raised in East Sheen and loves to contribute to the website and community when he can.