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Lucy Loves Anzac Biscuits

In time for this week’s Anzac Day commemorations, Lucy is sharing these traditional war time baked favourites. I am surprised I haven’t shared an Anzac Biscuit recipe on Lucy Loves before. They are a huge favourite with me and we have them a lot at work because a) we have a Kiwi head chef and…


Lucy Loves a Giant Cranberry and White Chocolate Hot Cross Bun

With Easter on the horizon, this week Lucy is getting us in the mood with a super sized seasonal treat. Easter for me this year is proving fairly torturous. It’s the time of the year which features some of my most favourite things to eat. Mini Eggs, Cream Eggs, Easter nests and Hot Cross Buns…


Lucy Loves Rhubarb and Custard Cake

With Mothering Sunday on the horizon, this week, Lucy is sharing a recipe to butter up the Mum in your life. Mother’s Day can be a bit hit and miss in our house. Not being mean, but over the years, it’s been a rogue mixture of toddler and not so toddler tantrums, sub standard pub lunches mixed…


Lucy Loves Red Velvet Cake

This week, Lucy is preparing us for the supposed most romantic day of the year with a lovingly baked treat. According to marketing types and card manufacturers the most romantic day of the year is approaching. If that’s the case then romance is dead in our house. We do exchange cards on the 14th but we’ve never…


Lucy Loves One Pot Yoghurt Cake

This week, Lucy is making a simple but tasty cake, and as it’s made with yoghurt, it’s surely a healthy offering. Sometimes, only a simple sponge cake will do. Especially at this time of the year, when the last thing you want to do is spend any time in the kitchen. I may as well have set…


Lucy Loves Night Sky Chocolate Bark

This week to celebrate Bonfire Night on 5th November Lucy has created a colourful chocolatey treat for all the family to enjoy. Compared to Hallowe’en these days, Bonfire Night was much more of a big deal when I was a child. We went to numerous local fireworks extravaganzas, had sparklers at home and my sister…


Lucy Loves a Brookie

This week, we’re celebrating the end of term with a great big batch of this Cookie and Brownie tray bake. Hooray, the end of term is in sight, if your children haven’t finished school already, that is. We are all tired and emotional and ready for a holiday. So, to celebrate, I decided to treat us all…


Lucy Loves Fresh Strawberry Cake

This week, Lucy is celebrating all things summer, with this seasonal, soft fruit based baked treat. Despite the completely rubbish wet and muggy weather, summer is allegedly here and in full swing. All the usual summery things are going on around me ~ exams, postponed picnics and panic dieting. So, to celebrate the start of the…


Lucy Loves Buttermilk Banana Loaf

This week Lucy is looking at recipes to cheer up your stressed out, revision addled teenagers. This Buttermilk Banana Loaf cannot fail to put a smile on anyone’s face. Exam stress can make your children miserable, I should know, we are in the midst of A level mocks as we speak and it’s stress central…

Coming soon: show-stopping cake techniques with The Cake Botanist @ Madeleine’s

Come and join The Cake Botanist @ Madeleine’s and get to grips with what’s trending in cakes. From baking some super moist chocolate sponges to perfecting Swiss Meringue Buttercream and making a simple tempered chocolate cone from bubble wrap, these jam-packed, one-day courses will see you whipping up a stylish drip cake (pictured) from start to finish. What’s more,…