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Small Batch Granola recipe from Lucy Loves Food Blog

Lucy Loves…Small Batch Granola

Small Batch Granola recipe I am going through one of my spells of not knowing what the hell to eat. I’m all out of sorts; the second lockdown has buggered my new found new normal routines. I’m back to replacing breakfast with a pint of coffee and eating lunch at 3pm. The boys seem to…

Nutella Fridge Porridge recipe from Lucy Loves Food Blog

Lucy Loves…Nutella Fridge Porridge

Nutella Fridge Porridge Recipe Breakfast and I have got a bit of previous. I am woeful at eating anything before about 11am, so quite often bypass the most important meal of the day completely. I love a bowl of granola, but often have that for lunch, more due to laziness than any diet fad. Fridge…


Lucy Loves… Fluffy Breakfast Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday has come around again, as it does every year, and it’s pancake central, everywhere you look. I am quite the traditionalist when it comes to Pancake Day offerings, but variety is the spice of life and you can never have too many pancakes based recipes in you arsenal. I am sure I will…


Lucy Loves…Banana Breakfast Cookies

Cookies for breakfast, yes please. Another week rolls round and I have more bananas going brown in my fruit bowl. I only eat them when they’re green-ish, the minute they soften and turn remotely yellow/brown I am not interested. This leads to a glut of frozen bananas filling my freezer or, God forbid, I have…


Lucy Loves…Coffee Granola

This week, I have been reviewing some coffee pods. So I decided to cook with them, as well as drinking them. When I was offered some wonderful coffee pods to review from Real Coffee I leapt at the chance. Coffee is one of my passions, along with 80s films, pink roses and Salad Cream, so having…


Lucy Loves…….Beetroot and Raspberry Smoothie

This week, Lucy is going some way towards boosting your five a day with this colourful  breakfast idea. As you know, I do love a food fad, but I also object to a new year, new you scenario. I subscribe to the school of a little of what you fancy does you good. However, I…


Lucy Loves a Raspberry Breakfast Loaf

This week, Lucy is sharing a breakfast food revelation which she thinks you’re going to love. Breakfast and I have never been very good friends. In the old, youthful days I skipped it all together, since then with age and appetite, breakfast could often last all morning and well into lunch. Even now I am…

Lucy Loves A Dutch Baby Pancake

This week Lucy is sharing a brilliant giant pancake recipe, perfect for breakfast or dessert. Great for sharing, or not. I may have mentioned this before, but I am not a huge fan of food which is thought to be ‘fun’. I love delicious food, I love food with which you get your hands dirty, but…

Visit Artisan on Wednesday 7 September & Help Raise £10,000!

Support Artisan’s Unique Donation Day on 7 September & Help Raise £10,000 for Charity Many of us already know and love Artisan on Milestone Green. If you’re a regular then Wednesday 7 September is a day you should definitely pop in. If you’ve yet to taste their delicious coffee and food, there’s an extra reason to…