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East Sheen

Celebrating Summer at Canham Restaurant & Haberdasher’s Bar

Whether Canham at 40 Sheen Lane is a local favourite or you have yet to venture in, here’s a perfectly tempting summer offer that can be enjoyed day or night, Tuesday to Sunday! Throughout August you can enjoy a healthy 25% off your food and drinks bill. How? Simply order some food with your drinks…

It’s Time To Try Thai… And It’s Local!

Sometimes we walk the same walk but don’t stop to look closer or even – heaven forbid – step inside, when all along there is a little treasure almost on our doorstep. We guiltily admit that this was the case with Sunnisa Thai and us, until a local resident mentioned that they had been really…

Lucy Loves Avocado, Pine Nut and Chorizo Salad to Stay or Go

This Avocado, Pine Nut and Chorizo salad makes perfect picnic fodder, a dinner party first course or served as a summer side dish. It’s salad season! Those winter months are just not conducive to eating leaves alone, but once the warmer *fingers crossed* months arrive, I am happy to become the queen of salads. That…

Lucy Loves Aperol Spritz in the Summertime

Lucy’s enjoying putting her feet up and reading a good book or two on a Greek Island but worry not as she’s sending sunny thoughts and deliciously summery recipes our way, including this refreshing and rather beautiful looking Aperol Spritz My lovely friend Saskia introduced me to Aperol. I had never heard of it before…

A Flexible Opening Offer from Yoga Hub East Sheen!

The excitement is mounting on Sheen Lane as the finishing touches are put in place for SW14’s new Yoga Hub, which will open on Friday 14th July. Yoga Hub, the creation of local resident Lara Helayel will offer a variety of yoga classes and styles of yoga in a light and airy heated yoga studio….


Lucy Loves a Raspberry Breakfast Loaf

This week, Lucy is sharing a breakfast food revelation which she thinks you’re going to love. Breakfast and I have never been very good friends. In the old, youthful days I skipped it all together, since then with age and appetite, breakfast could often last all morning and well into lunch. Even now I am…


Lucy Loves a Cobb Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

This week, as a Father’s Day treat, Lucy has prepared her husband’s favourite, semi-healthy supper dish. My husband is not ordinarily a salad kind of guy. He was a fussy child, according to his mother. One year when they went on holiday he ate an omelette every day for 2 weeks as he didn’t like…


Lucy Loves No Knead White Pizza

This week, Lucy is sharing a speedy, all cheese, no kerfuffle version of this Italian favourite. I have a real dislike of takeaway pizza. For me it’s the least attractive fast food option. Give me a sloppy korma or a bright orange gloopy sweet and sour chicken any day. A delivery pizza is so often…

New Community Choir in East Sheen – Free Trial Session 27 April

Recently established Rooots is a brand new community choir where everyone is welcome. You need no musical experience just an enthusiasm for being part of a group of people who love to sing! Rooots covers nearly every musical genre you might think of, from jazz to pop and world to gospel and all stops in between….


Lucy Loves Rhubarb and Custard Cake

With Mothering Sunday on the horizon, this week, Lucy is sharing a recipe to butter up the Mum in your life. Mother’s Day can be a bit hit and miss in our house. Not being mean, but over the years, it’s been a rogue mixture of toddler and not so toddler tantrums, sub standard pub lunches mixed…