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lucy loves


Lucy Loves a Giant Cranberry and White Chocolate Hot Cross Bun

With Easter on the horizon, this week Lucy is getting us in the mood with a super sized seasonal treat. Easter for me this year is proving fairly torturous. It’s the time of the year which features some of my most favourite things to eat. Mini Eggs, Cream Eggs, Easter nests and Hot Cross Buns…


Lucy Loves Cauliflower Cake

This week, Lucy is sharing a Meat Free Monday show stopper which would also make a brilliant addition to your Easter table. I feel I don’t do enough for the lovely vegetarian Lucy Loves readers. There’s only so much Red Lentil Curry you can eat in a week and even though it’s delicious, it’s not…


Lucy Loves Rhubarb and Custard Cake

With Mothering Sunday on the horizon, this week, Lucy is sharing a recipe to butter up the Mum in your life. Mother’s Day can be a bit hit and miss in our house. Not being mean, but over the years, it’s been a rogue mixture of toddler and not so toddler tantrums, sub standard pub lunches mixed…


Lucy Loves a Slow Cooker Chicken Korma Curry

This week, Lucy has forked up a simple but perfectly spiced slow cooked supper dish your family will thank you for. I can always eat a curry. Day or night. Mostly nights, but a curry for breakfast wouldn’t be the end of the world. It’s a versatile dish, it can be speedy and for the family…


Lucy Loves Irish Cream Chocolate Brioche and Butter Pudding

This week Lucy is preparing an indulgent St Patrick’s Day dessert with plenty of time to spare. I don’t know why St Patrick’s Day features so highly in the my calendar. I am not Irish, have no Irish relatives or indeed, have ever been to Ireland, sadly. However, I think it may be because the Irish…


Lucy Loves Ham, Egg and Cheese Pancakes

This week, Lucy is sharing a new savoury take on the Pancake Day classic. I love Shrove Tuesday for several reasons a) it means spring is not far off and winter is almost *please* over b) pancakes and c) more pancakes. I am really superstitious about the fact I have to make pancakes for the…

Crem-brulee-recipe-lucyloves-east-sheen -village

Lucy Loves Creme Brûlée

This week, Lucy is treating us to a classic French dessert, full of elegance and plenty of double cream. I got an email recently from a PR company offering to send me a Creme Brûlée making set, such are the joys of being a food blogger. As I had been meaning to feature a recipe…


Lucy Loves Crispy Chilli Beef

This week, Lucy revisits a super tasty old school takeaway classic which she uses to woo her loved ones. When I first met Clyde, when the world was in black and white, a Chinese Takeaway was quite the pinnacle of a Saturday night treat. We would order all our favourite dishes, nip to pub for…


Lucy Loves Red Velvet Cake

This week, Lucy is preparing us for the supposed most romantic day of the year with a lovingly baked treat. According to marketing types and card manufacturers the most romantic day of the year is approaching. If that’s the case then romance is dead in our house. We do exchange cards on the 14th but we’ve never…


Lucy Loves A Duck Ragu

This week, Lucy is transforming a pasta dish into something much more weekend than mid week. We must eat pasta at least 2, if not 3 times a week in our house. It’s a huge favourite with teenage boys due to its extreme carb loading nature. It’s easy to let pasta become a sort of…