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lucy loves

Lucy Loves A Dutch Baby Pancake

This week Lucy is sharing a brilliant giant pancake recipe, perfect for breakfast or dessert. Great for sharing, or not. I may have mentioned this before, but I am not a huge fan of food which is thought to be ‘fun’. I love delicious food, I love food with which you get your hands dirty, but…


Lucy Loves Sloppy Joes

This week it’s half term and Lucy has come up with a fun recipe which would make a super pre trick or treating supper. Hooray it’s half term and I am looking forward to spending some time with the boys, hiding from the builders working on our kitchen and generally just having a bit of a…


Lucy Loves Stir Fried Beef with Broccoli

This week, it’s all about this quick and easy supper dish. Packed with flavour and vitamins, this is perfect for autumn. And so my love affair with beef continues. I am making no real apology for this, unless of course, you dislike beef, in which case, sorry, normal chicken based service will resume next week….


Lucy Loves Hot Toffee Brownie Pudding

This week, Lucy has created a brilliant warming, decadent pudding for you all to devour and enjoy. Lucy Loves started a tour of other people’s kitchens this weekend, so today’s recipe is bought to you from my lovely parents’ home in Eastbourne. With a slight nip to the sea breeze now it’s October, I decided…


Lucy Loves Burrito Beef with Coriander Lime Rice

Today, Lucy is sharing her new found love of Mexican style food with a versatile, slow cooker, beef based supper dish. I don’t want to become a holiday bore, but when we were in Florida we randomly ate some wonderful Mexican-inspired food. I had, in the past, avoided anything wrapped in a tortilla or wedged…


Lucy Loves Espresso Panna Cotta with Nut Brittle

This week, why not treat your dinner party guests to this perfect end of meal dessert. It’s coffee and petit fours all rolled into one. We are in the midst of having our kitchen renovated and I am only weeks away from losing the use of my oven completely. This will be a challenging time,…


Lucy Loves Halloumi Chips

This week, Lucy has put together a versatile dish to cheer up young and old alike at the start of a new term. Hooray, we are home after a two week holiday. Boo, due to flight issues we were home 12 hours later than expected. Subsequently I have appalling  jet lag and keep nodding off. Plus,…


Lucy Loves Singapore Style Noodle Soup

Today, Lucy is sharing a quick soup recipe. Her spiced version of this classic comfort food is savoury and delicious. My youngest son is a huge fan of Singapore noodles, but only the ones from the supermarket chilled cabinet, he thinks the Chinese restaurant version contain too many alarming vegetables. So I decided to create this Singapore…


Lucy Loves Two Colourful Summer Salads

This week Lucy is providing us with a fantastic two for one offer on Summer Salads. These dishes will liven up any barbecue lunch or dinner. It’s August, it’s high summer and it’s barbecue central. So I have decided to share two, yes, two brilliant summer salads with you so your barbecue menus can take…


Lucy Loves a Summer Strawberry Panna Cotta

This week, Lucy is treating us to a high summer dinner party dessert full of fragrant strawberry flavours. Last week I focused on children’s holiday eating, but that’s enough about them. This week I am treating the grown ups to a fresh summer pud. Strawberries are still abundant, full of flavour and juicy. And cheap, there are…