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Lucy Loves Fresh Strawberry Cake

This week, Lucy is celebrating all things summer, with this seasonal, soft fruit based baked treat. Despite the completely rubbish wet and muggy weather, summer is allegedly here and in full swing. All the usual summery things are going on around me ~ exams, postponed picnics and panic dieting. So, to celebrate the start of the…


Lucy Loves Summer Noodle Salad Bowl

This week, Lucy has fashioned a weather cursing salad, perfect for picnics, to accompany a barbecue or pack it up as a portable lunch for work. It seems we have had the two good days of summer already and now we are back to grey and drizzle. To raise morale and brighten up lunchtime, I am…


Lucy Loves Lemon Mascarpone Ice Cream with Lemon Syrup

This week Lucy is sharing a simple, no churn Lemon Mascarpone Ice Cream. Just in time for the sun making a long awaited appearance. I have been making this Lemon Mascarpone Ice Cream with Lemon Syrup for years. I still have the battered page from my old Good Food Magazine where this was featured, it’s a…


Lucy Loves Pasta with Broccoli, Lemon and Sausage

This week Lucy has fashioned a simple, quick and delicious supper dish. This Pasta with Broccoli, Lemon and Sausage ticks all those mealtime boxes. Pasta is one of the most requested meals in our house, so I am constantly on the look out for new and delicious ideas. I hedged my bets, though, serving this…


Lucy Loves Golden Oreo Biscuits

This week Lucy is making delicious Golden Oreo sandwich biscuits, make them with the children or by yourself, so you don’t have to share. These Golden Oreo Biscuits are my new favourite baked treats. I have been making batch after batch and still the family aren’t tiring of them. They fly out of the oven and into the…


Lucy Loves Chicken, Sweet Potato and Quinoa Bowl

This week Lucy is sharing this wonderfully healthy Chicken, Sweet Potato and Quinoa Bowl recipe. It makes a brilliant, simple supper or the perfect portable lunch dish. I love nothing more than throwing together a few simple ingredients and coming up with something completely delicious. I fashioned this lightly spiced, Chicken, Sweet Potato and Quinoa…


Lucy Loves Buttermilk Banana Loaf

This week Lucy is looking at recipes to cheer up your stressed out, revision addled teenagers. This Buttermilk Banana Loaf cannot fail to put a smile on anyone’s face. Exam stress can make your children miserable, I should know, we are in the midst of A level mocks as we speak and it’s stress central…


Lucy Loves Amaretto Chocolate Pudding

This week Lucy is sharing some brilliant dishes for dinner parties on her blog and this Amaretto Chocolate Pudding is a particularly tasty one! I love having people round for supper and choosing a dessert course is never a problem. It’s my favourite part of the meal and it’s fun finding new choices to bring a smile…


Lucy Loves Smoked Salmon Kedgeree

This week Lucy is forking up a traditional dish with a twist. We’re sure you’ll love her Smoked Salmon Kedgeree as much as her family does. Kedgeree is one of those dishes we have always enjoyed as a family. It’s such an old school classic with its roots in British colonial times, originally served as a brunch…