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simple recipes


Lucy Loves… Simple Hangover Noodles

Welcome in Chinese New Year with this super quick dish. This week sees the start of Chinese New Year. And it’s the Year of the Pig, which is appropriate given my huge passion for food. I missed out on being born in the Year of the Pig by one year, which is ironic given Pigs…


Lucy Loves…Italian Chicken Meatballs

Sometimes only a large bowl of pasta and meatballs will do. As a family, we love a meatball supper. Meatballs feature at least once a week for us, so finding a new and exciting recipe for the aforementioned balls, is cooking gold. I will be honest with you, I didn’t really feel like cooking today…


Lucy Loves… Summer Ceviche

Just as the heatwave disappears, this week, ironically my recipe requires no oven time and is light and refreshing. Summer Ceviche Recipe Well, this recipe has slightly fallen flat because, as I write, it’s raining and the temperature has dropped 20 degrees from this time last week. When I originally photographed my Summer Ceviche, I…


Lucy Loves…Ultimate Barbecue Ribs

This week, what with all this warm weather, why not try this recipe and enjoy eating it in the garden. I have always been a bit phobic of barbecues. Not because I fear under cooked meats and the potential consequences involved. What I fear is Clyde cremating expensive meat beautifully marinated by me and us…


Lucy Loves…….Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe

When inspiration and energy is low, this simple yet elegant pasta dish should be at the top of your list. February seems to be really dragging it’s heels. I thought this week was the last week in Feb but no, there’s still another half a week of darkness after this one. The thought of it…


Lucy Loves Steak and Roasted Peach Summer Salad

There’s a Bank Holiday weekend looming, so Lucy is cursing the weather by suggesting a simple, but incredibly tasty summer salad. I haven’t even started writing about how this recipe will be great for the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend and already it’s pouring with rain. I am literally the kiss of weather death. The minute…


Lucy Loves Baklava

This week Lucy is sharing a recipe for a Greek classic pastry she rather over indulged in whilst on holiday in Corfu. Well that’s it, my holiday is over again for another year. I love to holiday, but then, briefly, I love to come home. The pre-holiday build up and all it’s manic-ness often leads…


Lucy Loves Simple Caramel Strawberry Tart

This week, it’s all about the simple, the stress-free and the strawberries, this is the perfect summer dessert. My name’s Lucy and I am addicted to recipes. There, I’ve said it, it’s out in the open, I just had to get that off my chest. When I am not cooking recipes for Lucy Loves, I…


Lucy Loves Coffee Butterscotch Biscotti

This week Lucy is trying to stay cool in this warm weather with a simple, elegant Italian baked treat. Gosh it’s hot. I don’t want to moan as that will curse it, but it’s either like a furnace in this country or gloomy, grey and wet. There’s no happy medium, the weather is not dissimilar…


Lucy Loves Sweet Chilli Lamb

This week it’s time to turn your thoughts to the long Easter weekend with all those¬†hungry mouths to feed. It’s here at last – Easter Week. I feel I have been waiting for this four day weekend for the last month. It’s been a manic start to the year with our kitchen refurb dragging it’s…