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Lucy Loves Spooky White Chocolate Popcorn

This week, in preparation for Halloween, Lucy is making a spooky treat and pretending it’s for the children, but eating it all herself. It’s going to be a busy week, it’s half term and it’s the run up to Halloween. Both these things equal me being out of pocket. Trick or Treating is off the…

This Month’s Dog Blog: Keeping Your Hot Dog Cool

We Brits are obsessed with the weather and having a dog only fuels our incessant Weather App checking – I check mine more often than Instagram and still regularly end up going for dog walks in the wrong clothes! If you’ve been following my Dog Blog, you’ll know that I’m owned by Winnie, a young…


Lucy Loves Night Sky Chocolate Bark

This week to celebrate Bonfire Night on 5th November Lucy has created a colourful chocolatey treat for all the family to enjoy. Compared to Hallowe’en these days, Bonfire Night was much more of a big deal when I was a child. We went to numerous local fireworks extravaganzas, had sparklers at home and my sister…


Lucy Loves Golden Oreo Biscuits

This week Lucy is making delicious Golden Oreo sandwich biscuits, make them with the children or by yourself, so you don’t have to share. These Golden Oreo Biscuits are my new favourite baked treats. I have been making batch after batch and still the family aren’t tiring of them. They fly out of the oven and into the…