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lucy loves


Lucy Loves a Crustless Quiche Lorraine

This week Lucy is going to attempt to cut down on her pre holiday carbs with this delicious new take on an old classic. Yes, it’s that time of year again for a pre holiday panic diet. I am just 4 weeks away from revealing some skin to the poor unsuspecting Greek population and feel…


Lucy Loves Coffee Butterscotch Biscotti

This week Lucy is trying to stay cool in this warm weather with a simple, elegant Italian baked treat. Gosh it’s hot. I don’t want to moan as that will curse it, but it’s either like a furnace in this country or gloomy, grey and wet. There’s no happy medium, the weather is not dissimilar…


Lucy Loves a Cobb Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

This week, as a Father’s Day treat, Lucy has prepared her husband’s favourite, semi-healthy supper dish. My husband is not ordinarily a salad kind of guy. He was a fussy child, according to his mother. One year when they went on holiday he ate an omelette every day for 2 weeks as he didn’t like…


Lucy Loves No Knead White Pizza

This week, Lucy is sharing a speedy, all cheese, no kerfuffle version of this Italian favourite. I have a real dislike of takeaway pizza. For me it’s the least attractive fast food option. Give me a sloppy korma or a bright orange gloopy sweet and sour chicken any day. A delivery pizza is so often…


Lucy Loves Arctic Roll

This week, it’s back to the 80’s with Lucy, as she recreates this frozen classic from yesteryear. You all know by now, or at least I hope you do as this means you actually read my weekly ramblings rather than just cutting to the recipes, I love the 80’s. You should also know, if you have…


Lucy Loves Quick Thai Beef with Basil

This week, Lucy has been on a freezer rummage and found, amongst other things, quite a bit of mince. I really should clear my freezer out more often. However, it’s a thankless task and I always imagine I am going to find half a fillet of beef or some choice pieces of fish to create a…


Lucy Loves Iced Espresso Brownies

This week, to celebrate another year of blogging, Lucy is sharing a recipe for a tasty new mocha based treat. I have been writing Lucy Loves for nearly 3 years now. Oh how time flies when you’re having fun. And I am having fun. Someone asked me recently why I write a food blog when it…


Lucy Loves Sesame Chicken with Broccoli

This week, Lucy provides us with an answer to the question ‘ What shall I do with yet another packet of chicken breasts?’ When I first started cooking for myself in my late teens, I used to make a tempting Honey and Sesame Chicken dish. It was, if you will, my first signature dish and I…


Lucy Loves Anzac Biscuits

In time for this week’s Anzac Day commemorations, Lucy is sharing these traditional war time baked favourites. I am surprised I haven’t shared an Anzac Biscuit recipe on Lucy Loves before. They are a huge favourite with me and we have them a lot at work because a) we have a Kiwi head chef and…


Lucy Loves Sweet Chilli Lamb

This week it’s time to turn your thoughts to the long Easter weekend with all those hungry mouths to feed. It’s here at last – Easter Week. I feel I have been waiting for this four day weekend for the last month. It’s been a manic start to the year with our kitchen refurb dragging it’s…